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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Laserbrain v1.0

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Laserbrain v1.0 (PC/Eng/Full)
Language: English |PC | Published by: Electronic Arts | 127.21 MB
Genre: Puzzle

Laserbrain is a new type of action puzzle that requires timing, thinking and a steady hand. Think of a solution. In Laserbrain you are an Artificial Intelligence created to clean up rogue AI cores. But not everything is as it seems.. Laserbrain challenges the player to think in a circular space, combining timing, accuracy and problem solving to complete the challenges. Three game modes challenge the player on three different major strategies and all are needed in every mode. However, the focus is drifted to one side providing a completely different experience all around.

Adventure focuses mainly on timing, Puzzle evokes the player to think before acting while Challenge mode requires above all accuracy to be beat.

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