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Monday, 22 November 2010

Open Kart | 104 MB

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Open Kart
PC game | English | Genre: Formula One Racing | 104 MB

If you're thinking Super Mario Kart, don't. Open Kart is about kart racing, true enough, but it's been designed with the real-world, professional sport of karting in mind. This game leans toward being a simulation more than an arcade racer.

In Open Kart's detailed single-player mode, you are a career kart driver on your way through three kart championships and classes, with the ultimate objective of winning the prestigious 250 cc championship. As you progress, you'll win money with which to upgrade your kart. The races can be viewed from third- or first-person perspectives, with realistic handling and tracks which require precision turns. Weather conditions affect the races to varying degrees. There is also a two-player competition mode.

* 20 courses
* 10 countries
* vehicle upgrades
* 3D graphics
* multiplayer action

Install Notes
* Unrar
* Run "install.bat"
* Start game with "Kart.exe"

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