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Monday, 22 November 2010

London Racer Police Madness | 157 MB

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London Racer Police Madness
PC game | English | Genre: Driving | 157 MB

as possible as the department is low on cash. He promises you a nice bonus so you can buy better equipment if you reach your targets. So, step on it and find and arrest as many offenders as possible. Because more arrests means a bigger bonus on your pay check!


* Fun 3d free roaming arcade racing action through many different countries in Europe.
* Shoot at enemy cars during intense chases while evading traffic.
* Take down high speed offenders.
* Scan cars for possible offenders.
* Play mini games to win arrests.
* Wide range of guns and police equipment to improve arrest capabilities.
* Buy traffic cameras or other items to improve overview of your track and arrest capabilities.
* A simple, pick up and play control method.
* Multiplayer modes
* Different race modes
* Unique good/bad cop meter

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